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Has your viewer obtained the WWGC certification?
Yes, our viewer has obtained the certification released by Google and this guarantees its functioning with all Cardboard Apps which are compatible with Apple and Android systems.
Does it work with every smartphone?
Our viewer works with all latest-generation Android and Apple smartphones. To check their compatibility you can download the application Google Cardboard for Android and iOS.
Which model of Google Cardboard is your viewer inspired by?
Our viewer is inspired by Google Cardboard V2 but it has some different functional details, however, it keeps the same lenses and high quality standards. Among the differences, there is the replacement of the conductive button with the Direct Touch setting for a more rapid and intuitive access to the virtual reality. Moreover, the folding is extremely thin, thus facilitating its shipping and usability.
Which are the most important tecnical features of the BOX viewer?
The most important features of the BOX viewer are:
WWGC certified;
34 mm lenses, 45 mm focal breadth;
Direct screen touch through ergonomic hole;
Velcro closure for an optimal adherence;
Fall arrest elastic band for smartphones;
Elastic band for Cardboard support;
Thin folding;

For discovering the details, visit the page "Our Cardboards".
Can I personalise the purchased viewer?
Sure, you can autonomously personalise your Cardboard by putting simple adhesives or by developing a more complex idea as a proposal to our Graphics Department. Our staff is at your full disposal to analyse the personalisation project which is the most appropriate for your needs.
How long does it take to personalise and get the viewer?
The estimated time necessary for the personalisation and delivery of the Cardboard varies from 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the requested graphical realization and on the purchased quantity.
Is there a limit of pieces I can purchase?
No, there is no limit of pieces you can purchase, but we grant you some discounts on the purchase of big quantities.
Are the used lenses safe?
Sure, the used lenses are safe because they scrupulously meet the standards indicated by Google. With a diameter of 34 mm and a focal length of 45 mm, our double convex lenses widen the visual field without causing vertigos or sinking feelings. As a matter of fact, the lenses are not subject to oscillations and guarantee the correct focalization thanks to the personal possibility of positioning.
Is it true that smaller lenses allow a greater definition of vision?
No, it is not. Even bigger lenses allow to obtain extraordinary effects of clearness and limpidity of the image, thanks to a particularly improved system.
Can I use your viewer even if I wear glasses?
Our viewer can be used by anyone, whether one uses glasses or lenses. Evidence we have so far obtained allows us to establish that, in case of cumbersome frames or vision defects linked to astigmatism, it is more advisable to use the Cardboard without glasses since the viewer keeps anyway its own high quality.
Can I resell your viewer as a business partner?
The resale of our viewer must be pre-emptively authorized and this can just happen if you have formed a business partnership with us. To become business partner, click here
Which are your terms for the delivery of products?
To be acquainted with our terms and conditions of delivery, click here.


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