QR Cardboard: cheap and universal virtual reality viewer

Give an immersive experience

QR Cardboard is the virtual reality viewer which can be easily combined on your smartphone. In a rapid, intuitive and convenient manner, it makes several immersive experiences accessibile, thanks to the wide offer of Cardboard Apps among which it is possible to choose to test its effects.

All our viewers are certified “Works with Google Cardboard”, thus guaranteeing their functioning with the Cardboard Apps which are compatible with Apple and Android systems.

our cardboards

Technical features

“WWGC” mark

released by Google that certifies the compatibility with all Google Cardboard Apps;

34 mm lenses for a clear and limpid viewing;

Velcro closure for an optimal adherence;

Anti-sweating system

Cardboard support

elastic band;

Configuration QR CODE

Rigid, resistant and sustainable cardboard;

Usability with every latest-generation smartphone;

Give a special look to your projects!

A lot of customization for your QR Cardboard to leave your mark.

the QR Cardboard transforms your smartphone in a virtual reality viewer


With our VR viewers it's easy to make accessible to everyone at any time, the unreachable places, the unmissable attractions, the exclusive projects. Through your smartphone App you will experience immersive virtual experiences, videos, contents and games created specifically for being lived through VR visors as QR cardboard.

QR Cardboard viewers collect the incentives of the virtual reality by fostering interactivity and by finding application in several platforms, thus obtaining surprising effects.

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Why you should choose QR Cardboard

Visori 3D

Certified quality
of the materials used;

Visori 3D

Handmade product

realtà Virtuale

Wide possibilities of

Visori VR

Dedicated assistance and
greatest attention to detail;

visore realtà virtuale

Rapid and punctual
delivery time;

Realtà Virtuale

Safe worldwide

VR certificati Google

“Made in Italy”


Cutting-edge offset
and tailored graphics;

promozione cardboard

Competitive prices
and promotions
for big orders.

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You could offer your customers the most advanced technology thanks to Virtual Reality.


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