unreachable places!

Being in constant evolution thanks to the development of extraordinary technologies, the virtual reality allows today the greatest interaction with a three-dimensional 360-degree environment.

There are several opportunities offered by the virtual reality, which transform themselves into actual immersive experiences to be lived and shared in order to create special occasions, personal or professional events.

QR Cardboard viewers collect the incentives of the virtual reality by fostering interactivity and by finding application in several platforms, thus obtaining surprising effects. Let yourself be inspired by the fantastic 360-degree world and invite your friends to visit unreachable places!

Make the most of every opportunity with QR Cardboard


The channel par excellence which is devoted to videos and the most exciting multimedial experiences. After its recent updates, YouTube is animated by 360-degree videos that allow to experience new emotions by simply moving the smartphone or the mouse cursor. The most efficient engagement can be obtained through QR Cardboard, which transforms viewing concerts, shows, exhibitions and travels into a charming experience you can completely share.

Noa Neal ‘Graffiti’ 4K 360° Music Video Clip
Rock Concert in Rio de Janeiro Brazil
Biplane at Coupe Icare 2013

Google Street View is a virtual 360-degree tour that allows users to explore the most significant places in the world, discover natural wonders, visit museums or enter shops, restaurants and business activities. With QR Cardboard you can see the surrounding world from an other perspective. Try it now!

Duomo di Milano
Castel Gandolfo

Tourmake is the interactive platform that amplifies the potential of Google Street View by giving several tools which are useful to provide your virtual tours with exclusive details. As a matter of fact, thanks to Tourmake, the 360-degree navigation highlights products and services with specific hot-spots and facilitates the immediate access into the vivid virtual reality. Explore Tourmake with QR Cardboard, discover how to relaunch your business!

Visit tourmake.it
Try the Demo! (Discover the multimedia contents watching!)

Viewmake is the extraordinary platform that allows to create 360-degree virtual tours in complete freedom and autonomously with respect to constraints of third parties. Easy to use, it is appropriate for several applications in the professional field, thus making original even the simplest daily activities. The innovative technology of Viewmake transforms users into protagonists of the stage and inaugurate independent projects. Use QR Cardboard with Viewmake!

Visit Viewmake.com
Try the Demo! (Discover the multimedia contents watching!)

The QR Cardboard viewers are compatible with all Google Cardboard Apps, through which it is possible to test their effects in a creative manner. With Google Cardboard App you can live your favourite experience of virtual reality, discover new apps and configure a viewer.


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