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The passion for technological innovation, the certificated staff experience and the availability of advanced tools make QR Cardboard the ideal partner for the purchase, the sell and the customization of VR viewers.

On a large space of about 5000 m2, the production process is highly followed in all its phases, with the supervision of qualified staff and to a well-established technique that favors craftsmanship.

Whatever your idea may be, QR Cardboard converts it into reality by supporting you with the maximal professionality: from planning to personalization, from production to the achievement of the Google-released WWGC certification.

An experienced graphics team is always available to share your vision and create with you an original, unique and functional product. Qr Cardboard reaches every Country in the world thanks to a valid forwarding system, which companies can use to deliver their own custom VR viewers directly to each customer.


We are open to tailored projects
to create with you a unique product

Our team realize VR viewers with alternative materials or with different structure as those already arranged, to create expressly according to the specific standards that meet your requirements.
We can transform the simplest packaging in a kit for the virtual reality navigation. The packaging of your products becomes, a real Cardboard to build, becoming a powerful marketing tool which performs the dual function of preserving and excite.
Our Cardboard can also been associated –as gadget or incentives- to magazines, periodicals, newspaper spot and brochures: success assured for "special editions" and technical analysis in sector.
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